Meet Chef Jonil

"My passions are food and people"

Learn about Chef Jonil's journey to fuse his passion for culinary arts with his expertise in advocacy, education and social change.


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Chef Jonil is a Massachusetts-based personal chef who specializes in Caribbean fusion cuisine.

In addition to his love for the culinary arts, Chef Jonil enjoys tattoos, murals, and multicultural art. He considers the plate his canvas and the kitchen his studio, and he feels the best version of himself comes through when he creates dishes without limitations. He also relishes in playing with colors, ingredients, and aromas because, he says, "I can visualize myself in the country of origin."

"I live to see happiness in others, especially if I was a part of it. I love communities that help and welcome others. I believe in my heart that food and music are the universal symbols of unity. Every time spice hits my palate it opens my desire to continue doing what I do. Music in the kitchen is more essential than the main ingredient."



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